Thoughts on Divorce - Post Mission

We're home! We're finally back on American soil after nearly two years in Cambodia. Now I can testify that missions are the best but the hardest two years of your life! The rigors came in a variety of ways, but the blessings outweighed them tenfold. I'm so grateful Ken and I chose to step out of life and serve the Lord full-time. So what has been my take away on divorce after serving a mission?  I discovered, for myself, that divorce happens everywhere! Even in Cambodia. Even within the church in Cam... read more

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Believe in God

We continue to enjoy our mission in Cambodia. This week-end we witnessed the formation of the first two stakes here - the North Phnom Penh Cambodia Stake and the South Phnom Penh Cambodia Stake. What an amazing, exciting time for the wonderful s'magic (s'magic - the Khmer word for members) here in this area. I feel incredibly blessed to be 'in this place at this time'.   I don't think a lot about divorce while serving my mission. Funny how serving the Lord full-time takes a lot of things out and away... read more

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Praying With Real Intent

Since we arrived in the mission field, Ken and I have focused our energies on the work to do in Cambodia. It has been a remarkable and meaningful six months. How can you find words to describe what it's like to place your life in God's hands and, every day, simply do the next step in what He wants to accomplish?   I know, I know! We should live ALL our days that way whether we are on a mission or not. But somehow when you are on a full time mission, you carry a greater sense that your time is not you... read more

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Dear Jonathon

Dear Jonathon, I'm glad you have found some support and comfort on as you face one of the saddest experiences a person can have in life. As often as I speak to others, who are going through something similar, I continue to feel a sense of pain and sorrow when I read about someone's divorce. I hope you will stay close to the Lord, and your priesthood leaders, as you navigate this challenge in your life.Your question is an interesting one. "How do you prepare for divorce and still maintain the ... read more

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Divorced Senior Missionaries

Well, we're finally in Cambodia!  What an amazing and beautiful world - different in many respects from the good ol USA, but awesome and wonderful in it's own exotic way. Ken and I will be here for two years teaching and training in the family history department. Before our arrival, of course, we spent two weeks in the MTC. It was fun! Meeting other newly called missionaries, old and young, was probably the best part. And a super huge eye opener for me, because of the thirty or so senior couples that... read more

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We're Going on a Mission!

I haven't blogged for the longest time on my LDS divorce support site - lots has been happening at our house since last spring! Last March Ken and I took a leap of faith, placed our house on the market, and put our papers in for a full-time mission. Our house sold in nine days (on general conference Sunday) and before we knew it - our call had arrived in the mail! We are entering the MTC on September 9th and will be serving a 23 month Family History mission in (drum roll here......) CAMBODIA! We are sup... read more

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"Sometimes good things fall apart..."

  " better things can fall together." Marilyn Monroe I love this quote I found posted on FB today! It speaks to a truth that we often don't allow ourselves to embrace. That is, that in the dissolution of something that has previously existed, perhaps room is made for a better situation. Back in 1988, there was a terrible forest fire in Yellowstone. I remember thinking, at the time, how tragic it all seemed that such a historic and scenic natural treasure was destroyed. How could things ever be... read more

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