Divorce is a Type of Labor and Delivery!

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When my oldest son was a newly returned missionary, I recall bemoaning my frustration about my divorced life to him as we lounged together on the back patio. He sat patiently and tried to be attentive, though I could sense it was a struggle for him.

Finally, he said, "Mom, let me tell you about something I learned on 'the mission.'" I immediately stopped my belly-aching and prepared myself for a gem of truth. If he learned it on his mission, I wanted to hear about it!

"It's a simple truth," he said. "So simple that you may dismiss it. But it's true, so listen up!"

I sat a little taller to prepare myself for his words because this son was not typically a bossy, sassy kid.

"So...are you ready, Mother? Here it is: 'Just about the time things seem really, really bad, things get really, really, really, really good!'"

I started to chuckle because he was right, it was almost too simple to be true. But I kept listening because he was completely serious.

"I saw it time and time again. When things got really awful out in the mission field, that's when I knew something really great was about to come. And as long as I expected it, it always happened!"

Reflecting back on those words, it's not that I didn't believe him, it's just that when you're in the middle of a problem---like being single and divorced--it feels like labor and delivery; you can't think of much else than the pain.

But years down the road, what I know about life and divorce--with all the associated issues--is that the problems don't last forever. And looking back at it now, I wonder why I was so frustrated because I really don't remember specifically why it seemed so hard.

All I know is what I've gained.

Like the new baby you hold in your arms when all the hard work is over! It's so worth the trouble!


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