Two Kinds of Trials in Life

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I was just thinking about life and it's challenges; you know, that "opposition in all things" factor that we experience as mortals?

The first type of difficulty we experience--that is easily side-stepped--is represented by the natural consequences of our bad choices. If we try our best to live the gospel, myriad problems are naturally avoided since we never end up "going there". You don't get pulled over for a DUI when you don't drink alcohol, etc.

When you make good choices, you obviously avoid the negative results that poor choices can bring. Good choices make life so much easier!

The second type of difficulty we experience in life is natural opposition, or the ebb and flow of life's vicissitudes, that earthlife showers on everyone no matter how close we follow the straight and narrow path.

"Bad things happen to good people" and are a predictable part of mortality. Facing these experiences with faith, boldness, and cheer help to refine our nature and allow us to draw nearer to the Lord.

One way to be prepared when life presents normal problems is to plan ahead, anticipate, prepare in advance, and use wisdom. When things are going well, that's the day to prepare for when the tides may turn. "Peaks and Valley's," a great book by Spencer Johnson is a super, modern-day parable that teaches how to avoid unnecessary difficulty when life throws an unexpected curve ball.

On more than one occasion in my life, I have followed the prompting to buy a certain food item, establish a particular habit, or save some money for no particular reason, and within a short length of time, I've found myself in a situation that might have been a big problem for me, but in the end I was saved some trouble--all because I planned ahead or followed a flash of inspiration.

I don't believe that a successful life should be measured by no opposition, but I do believe when we make great choices, and when we plan ahead for a rainy day, we can save ourselves much useless trauma.

As you face the challenges of your divorce, ponder some of these thoughts and see if you can make your life a little easier by making good choices and planning ahead. Good luck!

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