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Have you read, "Clicking on a Miracle" yet? It's my amazing story about how Ken and I met. Download the first chapter for free. You'll LOVE it! Everyone tells us, with tears in their eyes, it ought to be a movie!

Anyway, my step-dad, Mel, who you learn all about in the book, said to me yesterday, "Do you know the difference between mercy and grace?"

 "No..." I said tentatively, thinking he was about to crack a joke.

Then Mel said, with a catch in his voice as he drapped his arm around my shoulder, "Mercy is what keeps us from getting what we actually deserve."

I nodded my head as I mentally reviewed all the bad choices in my life for which I had been quickly forgiven.

"And grace," he whispered, husky with emotion, "is what allows us to get what we don't deserve."

I felt a spirit of warmth wash over me as I contemplated the vivid truth of his words.

As you face your divorce, especially as you interact with your former spouse, keep this little gem in mind.

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