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I received a great response from a reader yesterday. Sharlene, from Georgia, bought my e-book, "Clicking on a Miracle" and loved it! Here are her words:

"Salli, just a note to let you know I finished reading "Clicking on a Miracle"! Wow! That was some awesome story! I can't believe you got through so much stuff, but the ending was magical. I'm so happy for you and Ken and your family. I loved the way you described the first moment you met Ken. I can picture it my head, your words depicted it so well. It made me laugh and gave me goosebumps, too! I was not expecting the book to end the way it did. I wish you would write more on your site about what has happened to your family since all the events that took place. I would love to know what has transpired since then. You need to write another book!!! Thank you for sharing your story, Sharlene"

Thank you, Sharlene! I've gotten lots of notes from readers, but this is the first time someone has asked me to write a second book! I hadn't really thought about doing that...but you never know!

Buy "Clicking on a Miracle" today! The true account of how Ken and I met on the internet. In our story, though events quickly take a dramatic turn from the ordinary shortly after our first date, it was clear that the Lord's hand was there. Through it all, we are still living happily ever after... (BIG smiley face here!)

Thanks again, Sharlene!



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Divorced and full of fret and regret, I found my 'Reason for Living' on the internet. Now, my life is lots of fun, married in Portland, Oregon.

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