Biggest Healing Obstacle in Divorce

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From my observation, the biggest obstacle in healing from divorce is that people have a tendency to look back too much and too long.

Though a certain amount of healthy ruminating is necessary in order to move forward, spending too much time remembering the mistakes of the past---whether they're your mistakes or your former spouse's--keeps us stuck in a detrimental place.

Allowing the past to take center stage is like parking the smashed car in your front yard after a terrible accident! There's just no useful purpose in perseverating on the wreckage of your marriage.

After divorce, more can be gained from focusing your sights on the future, setting positive goals, and reading books and articles that can help get you going in the right direction.

As you keep moving forward, you'll find your heart heals faster, you won't forget important lessons of the past, and you'll discover a healthy ability to forgive mistakes and pardon errors...your's and others!


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