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Some thoughts to consider as you face divorce:

"...fully magnify their mortal lives."

I saw this phrase as I read "Miracle of Forgiveness" last night. I opened it's pages after watching mindless TV programs for awhile. I felt uninspired after my zone out period, almost defiled after the experience. When I unplug from life's pressures by watching TV (usually after a long day on my feet), I generally watch HGTV, but after awhile even the "safe" channels seem senseless.

So, I opened "Miracle of Forgiveness" by Spencer W. Kimball, as our Bishop suggested last week. That's where I read the expression, "...fully magnify their mortal lives." And, of course, having just spent the evening watching TV, I felt convicted. There are few pastimes as counter productive as watching the "boob tube."

Since then, I've been noticing a lot of things I do that steal my precious time and amount to a big chunk of wasted mortality. Recapturing that time is impossible, so all I can do in the future is be aware of the tendency and try to improve.

So, this morning, I logged-on to and indexed 53 names! Now, that's quite an improvement over mindless TV.

Being divorced is a perfect time to reinvent how you use your time. Scrutinize where your time disappears and rechannel your efforts into something that will allow you to become a bigger, better person. 

Search out activities that are worthy of your valuable time. You'll feel more confident, more energetic, and--yes--even worthier. Try it! You won't regret it!

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