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Remarriage after divorce is a concept that is different for every divorced person--there simply cannot be any hard-fast rules about what is best. It's a private choice; just be certain that you include the Lord in that decision. And yes, that's a rule that ought to apply for everyone.

Here are some questions to consider if the remarriage idea is weighing on your mind:

Have you done the necessary "inner-self" homework to change the issues that may have contributed to your divorce?

It's easy, in the church, to decide to get married as soon as possible after divorce since our LDS belief system centers on marriage and family. But anything worth building requires a good foundation. Building a better you before embarking on a new marriage union should be a mandatory focus.

Even when you feel you did not contribute to your marriage demise, you have been through a life trauma that deserves some healing time. Taking the backwash of your grief and anger into a new marriage isn't fair to either party. Take time to heal. Take time to repent and forgive. Truly repent and forgive.

Have you reconstructed a new identity?

Use the experience of divorce as a catalyst for renovating you. Take time to rediscover your passions and interests. Is there something you've longed to accomplish but set it aside years ago? Now may be the time to strike out and achieve some of your fondest dreams. Satisfy some unmet needs and allow those experiences to help redefine who you are as a person. The result will be a more enriched, improved, and wiser person. In essence, a better marriage partner.

Have you discovered the postive benefits of your divorce?

Doing so will contribute to your healing and make it nearly impossible to hold on to the negativity that can blister your soul and damage future relationships.

"All things work together for good to them that walk uprightly.." (D&C 100:15). If you have tried your best to do what's right in life---and still find yourself divorced---trust that the Lord can make even a divorce, a blessing. Take the postive and move forward!

In Conclusion

My remarriage is one of the best things to ever happen to me! I have never been so happy, able to accomplish truly meaningful and purposeful achievments with my husbands support, and am more capable of looking at myself and changing what needs to be changed, because of his love and influence.

Remarriage can be wonderful! But make sure you take the Lord by the hand, don't rush it, and do your homework first! A happy marriage is worth it!

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