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I finished an amazing book today entitled: "Relections from a Broken Mirror--Spiritual Values I Learned As an LDS Child of Divorce" by Deborah Eldredge Milne, Deseret Book Company, 1998.

Having experienced my own parent's divorce when I was 16 years old, I found it easy to identify with Deborah's reminiscent portrayals of her parent's divorce. She addressed several topics of concern that LDS children will have as they deal with the failure of their parent's "eternal marriage".

Written in story form, with warmth, perception, and honesty, I found this book entirely capable of re-establishing a child's faith and trust in eternal marriage. Deborah's writing made sense out of the remaining fragments of a broken LDS marriage, and beautifully, almost poetically, described the mental, emotional--and yes, spiritual--process required to gain peace and acceptance after divorce.

I want to send a copy of this book to each of my own children in hopes they will see more clearly, and feel more courageously, that the Lord can cause an abundance of good fruit to grow from the ashes of our lives. Thank you, Deborah. Your book heals.

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