The Blessings of Tithing While Facing Divorce

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When going through divorce we often face financial difficulties. Your disposal income will be less (if you have any!) and you may experience expenses related to divorce you haven't faced before.

Adjusting to these new life-altering challenges can be discouraging, but one thing you don't want to do is stop paying your tithing!

I have such a testimony of tithing--especially when I was a struggling single mother managing on a shoestring. But not paying my tithing was never an option to me.

I remember anticipating one particularly tight month, adding up my expenses and realizing I wouldn't have enough income to cover my expenses. Then, horror of all horrors, I realized I hadn't included tithing in the expenses for that month. So, I began again to calculate all the monthly expenses--including tithing--and when I got to the final number--I had money left over!

How does that work?

Trust that the Lord has a plan that will buoy you financially when you commit to paying tithing. It takes a lot of faith to give the Lord His tenth when you don't have much. But paying tithing with hope and gladness--even gratitude in your heart--will open the conduit to richness that will take on a variety of forms for you and bless you in ways unspeakable. Only by giving away to others with no strings attached can we tell the universe we trust that our needs will be filled.

How grateful I am that in The Church of Jesus Christ we have a built-in opportunity to learn the fundamental truth that only when we left go of something can we truly ever obtain it.

Pay your tithing with gratitude and hopeful expectation!




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