Reacting or....Creating?

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I saw this on FaceBook today and thought it was worth passing on:

John Groberg "Reacting. Move the c to the front- what do you get? Creating. Your choice every day Reacting or Creating."

While going through divorce, and facing the resulting challenges it can bring, remember you are in control. You can craft, or produce, if you will, the memories of this transitional time in your life by simply determining that, rather than react to adverse circumstances, you create or choose what you want your expereince to be.

You are free to "act or be acted upon" (2 Nephi 2:14); but even when "acted upon" you may still choose your response. You are still the final author of your experience. No one else chooses how you, in the end, take action.

Remember, others are watching and remembering...

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