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Facing divorce creates a lot of questions and concerns that can result in so much worry, concern, and uncertainty that--literally--our soul aches.

Unfortunately, there are many voices in the world that will attempt to persuade us to look here or there for answers. But remember, oftentimes the best answer is right in front of us!

Dean Bryd, in an Ensign article from awhile back, has some excellent advice for LDS folks experiencing the challenges of divorce:

"For the Latter-day Saint who has experienced divorce, there is no greater gift than the Atonement. Invite its blessings into your life. The Savior will help you put your life together again. There is no burden He cannot lift, no tears He cannot dry, no pain too great for Him to help you bear. His grace is sufficient. His love can sustain you. His arms can embrace you. And in those times when you are unable to walk, He will carry you. In a personal way, you can come to know and feel His love. Like Nephi of old, you can be encircled in the robes of His righteousness (see 2 Ne. 4:33)."

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