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I've been thinking a lot about smiling, lately. Smiles are so amazing!

I walked into church this morning and a gentleman said, "Good morning, Sister Hollenzer! Thanks for your beautiful smile! I really needed it this morning!"

Evidently I made a positive difference for this brother--and I wasn't even aware I was smiling!

Smiles are such a simple thing. A smile is a gift you give that doesn't cost you a dime! And remember, too--I know you've heard it before--but it takes more facial muscles to frown than to smile, so smiling is actually less strenuous!

If we truly understood how great it feels to have someone smile at us, we'd smile at everyone we meet. What a difference a smile can make in a life. It allows the recipient to feel accepted and more comfortable and relaxed. It causes a stranger to not feel so alone. It disarms the frustrated and embittered. It encourages the downtrodden.

And that's just what a smile offers others. The giver of the smile receives even more. When you smile it has the power to soften your heart. Smiling tells the universe you're ready for all kinds of good things: a good turn, an unexpected favor, a long awaited blessing...

But most importantly, it opens your heart to forgiveness.

Divorce is hard enough without adding unnecessary difficulty, so I challenge you to think about smiling more and see if life doesn't suddenly get a whole lot better!


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