It's CHRISTmas!

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Merry Christmas, to all, during this glorious celebration of Christ's birth! May your holiday be filled with much love and sharing.

Ken and I have enjoyed decorating our home for the holiday's: the Christmas tree is beautiful with twinkling lights and big gold bows, the Santa Claus collection graces the corner of the family room and gives the grandkids something new to play with when they're here to visit grandpa and grandma. Our lovely creches adorn the paino in the living room adding a perfect solemnity to our home's atmosphere.

We've kept the dining roon table set with our Christmas china since Thanksgiving--it makes last minute invites to dinner easier, while adding a festive aire to our home. We've really enjoyed spending time with family and friends during the holiday this year.

Sharing  meals has been the best part of the season, so far, but the beautiful sacred music is a close second. I've loved listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's "Ring Christmas Bells" over and over and over again! Alone in my kitchen, as I have bustled about, I have burst into tears as that beautiful music has reached into my soul and touched my conviction and love for the Savior. I am so grateful for my testimony of His great atoning sacrifice.

I pray that you enjoy a lovely Chrsitmas this year, no matter what your circumstances. Remember, the love of the Lord is extended through the hands of His servants, so reach out to others this holiday season and be the Lord's answer to somebody's prayer.

Take care and Merry Christmas!  Lots of love, Salli


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