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Remember that great old Bill Murray movie from 1993, "Goundhog's Day"? The "groundhog's day" reference, for a dead-end situation that keeps coming back, is always a great analogy as we ponder difficult circumstances in our life that seem to never go away.

You know what I'm talking about! Like starting that diet and exercise program....again! (... for the fourth time...since the first of the year ...)

Or any other situation that keeps turning up like a bad penny.

To navigate life with grace, wisdom, and diplomacy is a grand achievement. Tasting what that is like would be a fine aspiration. Just like in the movie, there is frustration, as well as discouragement and depression along the way, but once you take control and deal with the issues of life, using the experience and knowledge you gain from the past to refine and strengthen you, only then can you master yourself and your circumstances.

I decided a long time ago that earthlife is like "Groundhog's Day"; exasperating at times, but what a fabulous new chance, every morning, to start fresh and create the character you want.


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