Divorce--a Threshing Sled

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Ken and I are reading "Divine Signatures," by Gerald N. Lund. Wonderful book; very inspiring.

One topic Brother Lund discusses is the refinement process that life represents. He draws an analogy from the threshing sledge used in ancient times; a sled-like tool, with pieces of metal and stone on the bottom, used to rake over grain stalks to separate the inedible chaff from the edible grain.

He compares the threshing floor to our days on earth and the threshing process to mortal tribulation. And he reminds us that the daily challenges we face can have a refining and cleansing effect on us.

Rather like the threshing process, divorce can be somewhat messy; kicking up a lot of dust and debris in the course of harvesting what is valuable and of great worth in our character.

Though divorce can be painful, embrace the refining process happening in your life. Let the essence of who you really are float to the surface. You are strong, loving, forgiving, compassionate, resilient, and wise.

Don't let the Adversary trick you into distaining the very method the Lord can use to create in you a better person. The Lord didn't make your divorce happen, but He always knew you would come to this place and He knows the way to turn pain and difficulty into something of great worth.

Endure your divorce with dignity and with the assurance that the end result will be a more Christ-like nature.



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