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When you are a child and your parents get divorced it can be the most devasating thing that has ever happened to you. When your parent's marriage breaks up, your whole world changes and you may feel you will never be happy again. Divorce can feel painful, frightening, and shameful. Especially because it's your parents.

The good news is that time does heal all wounds and someday you will feel happy and at peace again! There are bright and sunny days ahead for you. And as impossible as it may seem today, someday you may be grateful for this experience and count your parent's divorce as a blessing.

It's been said that when a young person experiences a traumatic event early in their life, such as a divorce or a death, it causes them to mature quickly and can open their hearts to feeling, deeply, the suffering of other people. From the ashes of your pain and suffering fruit will grow that can bless the lives of many. The world needs more people who feel compassionate and empathetic toward others.

Life was not meant to be easy, but is filled with trial, tribulation, and sorrow in order that we can become the strong and noble people Heavenly Father intends us to become. If you have experienced the deep sorrow of your parent's divorce, the Lord trusts that you can use the knowledge you have gained to be a better person and to bless the lives of your friends and family.

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