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In Relief Society last week, the topic of discussion centered on service. The common expression I heard, that day, was that most of the sisters preferred to be on the giving end of the giving and receiving exchange.

Why is that?

Maybe because since childhood we've been taught that it is "more blessed to give than to receive" (Acts 20:35).

But think about it, as beautiful as giving is, you can't give if there isn't a receiver.

Next time someone offers us a service or wants to lend a helping hand, smile and graciously accept their gift since giving (because it's so blessed) is something we ought to share, right?

I read a great book over the week-end. Actually, I read it twice over the week-end, it was that good! Called "The Go-Giver", by Bob Burg and John David Mann, in part it described the giving and receiving trade-off, in life.

They made the point that giving and receiving is like breathing. Try exhaling indefinitely. Impossible. Even if it was medically proven to be better for you than inhaling, you can't do it forever. At some point you must inhale.

Likewise, with giving and receiving, at some point we must receive. It's only natural.

Sometimes life turns the tables on us and divorce is definitely one of those times. I suggest that during this challenging time in your life, give yourself a gift by being open to receiving. Let your visiting and/or home teachers bless your life, teach your children to honor you by serving you, and encourage your friends, with gratitude, when they offer to carry some of your burden.

It's okay! And if you must, think of it as a service you are doing for them, since giving is such a joy!

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