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My son, Dallin, and I are reviewing the Harry Potter movies in anticipation of this summer's release of the second half of "The Deathly Hollows"--and having some fun with it!

Dumbledore is a favorite character of mine--I think of him as an imaginary prophet who knows the end from the beginning and wisely knows which way to go.

He said something that struck me, as I watched a few days ago:

"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."

I love that! It's so true.

Lately as I read the Book of Mormon my eyes catch the verses that reveal the fact that even during times of warfare, the righteous can still enjoy a happiness they've never known. (See Alma 50:22-23--for one!)

So, how is that? How can there be great joy during times of stress and trial? Isn't it possible to experience only one or the other?

The Lord describes the latter days as "great and terrible". Great and terrible?


Great for those who remember to turn on the light by keeping His commandments and terrible for those who choose evil over good.

(In all fairness, though, great and terrible for the righteous who are saddened by those who choose destruction--many of whom may be our beloved friends and family members.)

But back to the idea of turning on the light during times of darkness: as a divorced person, you may be in one of the darkest periods of your life. So dark, for instance, that you may feel you will never be happy again.

That's when we need to turn on the light!

Turn on sacred music first thing in the morning. Take a walk as early as you can--even if it's raining! Shower and dress for the day. Sit in the light of lamp glow and read the scriptures before you eat breakfast--or while you eat breakfast! And ask the Lord each day--on your knees--who you can serve; then do it!

Turn the light of the Gospel on each morning and we will find our way through the darkness of divorce, as well as any of the challenges that living in this mortal sphere presents. We have it in us to experience great joy at this time of our life...

...if only we remember to TURN ON THE LIGHT!!


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