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I saw a note in my journal this morning referencing a great book I read last fall, entitled: "The Confident Woman," by Joyce Meyer. My entry talked about the power of the words we speak; a subject that is of great interest to me.

I find it intriguing that one of the names the Savior uses for Himself is "The Word", reminding us that words have command and authority--for good.

The words we use to express ourselves say a lot about our character, our heart, and our integrity, as well as the direction we are going and our ultimate destination. Listen to yourself!

But even beyond that, words have the power to bring solutions, blessings, and grand results into our lives or our words can threaten our peace, keep us stuck, or worse, allow Satan to rock our world.

Joyce Meyer says: "If you change the way you talk, you will immediately begin to feel stronger, bolder, courageous and less afraid. James said that the tongue is like a wild beast and cannot be tamed by anyone (James 3:2-1-). We certainly need God's help on this one!"

The world can look occasionally gloomy, at best, or terrifying, a lot, when we face divorce issues. Now is the time to "experiment on the word" and try speaking hopeful, helpful, and encouraging, words about yourself, your future, your love for the Lord, and His love for you. Speak those words. Out loud!

And thank the Lord, ahead of time, for all the righteous blessings you desire Him to shower upon you and then watch them come to fruition. I've always thought it interesting that Lehi thanked the Lord for the Promised Land long before they ever built the ship that took them there (1 Nephi 5:5).

Speak those powerful words of gratitude and righteousness that you want to have happen in your life, and see what happens!

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