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The following is taken from my book "Clicking on a Miracle" and describes the first time I saw my husband Ken. Just for fun!

“You’ve asked him to come here?” cried my oldest daughter, Olivia, clearly indignant when I informed her I’d invited my Internet friend to her home. “For all we know, he could be an ax murderer, Mother!”

I shook my head. "Where do these kids get their ideas?" I thought. But I didn't respond. Embarrassed enough about the fact that my children were aware I was dating, I squirmed in my seat wondering if I’d made a huge mistake. Charlotte, my second daughter, who had come down to Draper from Utah State to spend time with us, joined in the grilling session.                                   

"Mom! I can't believe you'd do such a thing! You're always telling me to stay off the Internet...what's wrong with you?" There was a tone of disgust in her voice. I was feeling more and more like a germ under a magnifying glass.                                                          

“Actually, I think it’s a great idea!” said my son-in-law, Shawn. “Your mom needs to start kissing a few toads before she finds her handsome prince….” He smiled and winked at me. Shaking my head, I stood up and wandered out of the kitchen. Dating with your children watching bordered on torture.

Later that afternoon, while I was in the backyard catching bugs and butterflies with my grandsons, Ken arrived at their house. When Olivia answered the doorbell, I came through the backdoor slider as Ken walked in from the front. Leading him through the living room, and on back to the kitchen, Olivia raised her eyebrows and puckered her lips at me, in jest, as she breezed by. I pinched her leg discreetly.

It was then that I saw Ken for the first time---standing where the family room carpeting meets the kitchen linoleum…

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