Divorce--the Season to Step-Back

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Divorce is definitely a time to pace yourself.

You might have been a super-person in the past, seeing to everyone's needs and taking each of life's assignments to an impressive second, or third, or fourth mile; but adjusting to divorce is not the time for that!

As you face the inherent challenges that divorce brings into a family, and/or your personal life, learn to let go of unnecessary demands that can often fill our days with stress and strain. Believe me, you don't want to add more pressure to what you are already experiencing as a result of your divorce.

Now is the time to say 'no' to requests for extracurricular assignments or involvements. It may be a temptation to overextend yourself with additional activities because they sound fun, interesting, or might be "good" for your son or daughter. But don't do it! 

Allow yourself some time to rest and get reoriented. The opportunity to participate will come again.

Divorce is the season to step back, watch, and observe. It's a time to sit under the apple tree and ponder your feelings and your circumstances. Staying too busy may delay your divorce recovery.

Here's what Elder M. Russell Ballard says on the subject:

"Recognize limitations; no one can do everything. When you have done the best you can, be satisfied and don't look back and second-guess wondering how you could have done more. Be at peace within yourselves." 

Let's hear and hearken to the advice of an Apostle!

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