Divorce and Our Emotional Needs

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Even if you’ve been a fairly independent person in the past, divorce is no time to “go it alone”. There are simply certain times in life when we all need a friend and facing divorce is one of those times.

Find a friend or family member in whom you can safely confide; someone who is strong and able to bear up under the weight of your emotional need. Let them help carry you through the worst of your emotional trauma. There will be times when the depth of your hurt and grief will surprise even you. Let the waves of grief come and go, knowing that though they may seem to overstretch their boundaries, trust that they will gradually wane with time. During the hardest periods talk through your sorrows with your faithful friend.

There may be times you need to talk to church leaders or a professional counselor. Do not hesitate to ask for special support. The weight of your troubles can be immediately relieved when you access the counsel of someone who understands what you are going through and can offer authoritative advice.

This type of guidance helps to facilitate your healing and can rocket boost you to more sound and safe emotional ground. If professional counseling is necessary, and you do not have the funds, ask your church leader to refer you to LDS Family Services.    

Priesthood blessings are indispensable at this time in your life. You need to be regularly assured of the Lord's love for you when your spirit flags. Key words and phrases will stick in your mind for years to come; blessings and promises that will encourage and sustain you. Ask for blessings regularly.

This juncture in your life is a wonderful occasion to study your patriarchal blessing. Filtered through the unique experiences you are having, your patriarchal blessing will reveal undiscovered insights and promises that have the power to renew your trust in your relationship with the Lord. Allow Him to heal your broken self-esteem as you feel the words He will speak to you as you read your patriarchal blessing. What an amazing gift!

Divorce can represent one of the first life-altering tragedies that a person experiences. Trust that time truly heals all wounds. You will not feel broken and bewildered forever. The pain eventually lessens and joy, happiness, and contentment come again.

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