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As I was saying in last night's blog...

It will seem impossible to many people, as they date in hopes of reconnecting and eventually marrying, that they may never meet someone who meets their highest expectations. In this crazy world with so much emphasis on worldly ways and such a lack of LDS values, those of us who desire a higher, more Christ-centered life, may feel we have to settle for less in order to be married again.

But I say, confidently: "Don't settle!" The Lord will always keep His promises to His disciples. He wants you to have all your righteous desires, and a righteous, worthy spouse in this day and age is imperative! So, don't give up your dream, your desire, your fervant plea to the Lord for an honorable mate.

Yesterday, I mentioned my husband, Ken. As we care for 5 active grandchildren, ranging from ages 11 to 2 years old, I thank my Heavenly Father ten times a day for a good husband who loves me and "my" grandchildren as his own. So far we've weathered a Costco-size bag of Cheerios strewn all over the kitchen floor, a dresser knocked over, throwing clothes, diapers, and endless paraphernalia all about, as well as the freezer door being left open overnight and melting the contents all over the garage floor.

But through it all Ken is patient and in-charge as the children are rounded up to clean-up and take care of whatever needs to be done. He always knows where the two year old is, who's eaten what and when, and he stays calm and cheerful through it all.

Wow! Whoever thought it possible to find a gem in the dredges of the coal mine of life? Well, I found one. And I know that if the Lord would do it for me, He will do it for you, too.

Just take Him by the hand and let Him lead you along....



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