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I love reviewing my old journals. That's where I find some of my best material for blogging. This morning was no exception.

Earlier this year I recorded my thoughts about a particular challenge I was facing and penned this sentence: "It's the grinning and bearing experience that tends to be instructive."

Have you ever thought about that? Divorce is often about experiencing difficult situations and dealing with them appropriately--the end result being that we are wiser and stronger as a result of meeting our trials head on. In most cases we have the necessary faith to withstand the discomfort and we understand, and trust, that the Lord will help us overcome.

But there's an inevitable phase that we must pass through when it's not entirely clear what the outcome will be. I often refer to this interlude period as the "uncomfortable in-between time". A "waiting on the Lord" period, if you will. Abraham refers to this episode of waiting in chapter 4, verse 18: "And the Gods watched those things which they had ordered until they obeyed."

Perhaps we could refer to this moment in time as a percolating period. Sometimes things just need a season to permeate our minds and penetrate our hearts. "Waiting on the Lord" can be a very valuable experience. It requires our patience, our humility, and our perfect trust in His timing. To do it right, we must give up a lot: our agenda, our ambition, our own strength, our pride. He wants us to rely on Him.

When we do, there is so must to learn, so much to gain.

Yep, I was correct when I wrote: "It's the grinning and bearing experience that tends to be instructive."

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