The Threatening Wave of Divorce

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I receive a lot of notes from sisters--and sometimes brothers, too--telling of disheartening stories about circumstances surrounding their divorce. It breaks my heart. Having faced similar challenges, myself, ten years ago, I can relate to the pain they are experiencing.

But I want to tell all of you that everything will be okay in the end. (And remember...if it's not okay yet, it's not the end yet!)

A couple of years before I realized I would need to make the traumatic decision to separate and divorce, I had a prophetic dream.

I dreamt that my five children and I were walking, leisurely, along a sandy beach. Suddenly, I looked above my head and saw a gigantic, threatening wave about to wash over us. It was so huge and so close, I felt in my heart there was no way we could survive and we would surely be washed out to sea and drowned.

I hollered to my children, "Run for the shore!" And I grabbed my nearest child and helped him as well as I could. The next moment in the dream, I realized the wave had washed over us. But rather than washing us away, I looked at my arm and saw only a few sprinkles of water--the only effect of the menacing wave.

It was a miracle! In my dream, I couldn't believe we had been so fortunate and I remember thanking the Lord that we had been spared. When I awoke, I had the very unsettling sense that something very terrible would happen in our life, but I felt comforted that the message of the dream told me that we would be okay.

The rest is history (for the full story, read my wonderful story "Clicking on a Miracle"), and obviously I became divorced. The process was frightening, threatening, and unpredictable, but we did survive and life today is very good.

My message for you today, then, is to trust that things will work out well. No need to waste time in tears or anxiety. Smile, be patient, and know that the Lord has a great future ahead for you.

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Clicking on a Miracle

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