Romance After Divorce?

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Life is all about our ability, and desire, to continue progressing as we overcome the natural obstacles life presents. Earthlife is a graduate school, of sorts, and the course-work isn't intended to be easy! 

Divorce is one of the most challenging graduate courses out there and moving forward after experiencing divorce is critical.

But moving forward into a new romantic relationship may not necessarily be the direction you will want to go when we are newly divorced.

It's my oberservation that it takes a minimum of two years before sufficient time has passed, allowing the dust to settle in our life, to enable us to begin thinking objectively enough to make good decisions regarding a new romantic relationship.

The good news is that there is so much else to focused on, adjust to, and learn to manage as a result of all the changes in our life---who wants to deal with a love interest, anyway?

If divorce can feel like an amputation, we need time for the wound to heal!

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My name is Salli.

Divorced and full of fret and regret, I found my 'Reason for Living' on the internet. Now, my life is lots of fun, married in Portland, Oregon.

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