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Sunday was the first time our newly split ward met since our reconfiguration last week. What a glorious day! I could feel the spirit and the love of the Lord for our ward members. He definitely has plans for our little unit of Saints.

The youth speaker in Sacrament Meeting was hugely instrumental in bringing the spirit to our proceedings with the theme of his talk. He told us that one of his EFY teachers encouraged the kids, rather than endure to the end, to "enjoy to the end!" He said the proof that the Lord wants us to take delight in our earth experience is made clear in 2 Nephi 2:25 where we are told: "...men are that they might have joy."

I love that thought!

As divorced members of the church we are often way too quick to see the problems we face as detracting from the joy we want to feel. When our life feels burdensome, somehow it's easy to hold a mindset of our glass being half empty rather than half full.

But yesterday I was reminded that no matter whom we are or in what circumstances we find ourselves, the Lord truly loves and wants to bless all His children. He is not a condemning Parent, but rather an extremely loving and understanding Father who wants His children to find happiness through obedience.

Though earth life was not meant to be easy, it is not meant to be miserable either! So instead of enduring the challenges of life, let's look at all there is to be grateful for and happy about and "enjoy to the end!"

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