Divorce and "Unkept Promises"

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Have any of you struggled with this particular issue?

You love the Lord with all your heart and you've always done all you've been taught to keep the commandments, yet you find that you're divorced and forced to deal with many of the associated challenges of a family in crisis?

You always thought you'd be able to avoid certain life problems if you simply held to the iron rod, and yet--here you are faced with difficulties, shame, and heartache that you didn't asked for and you don't deserve.

At times like this we might feel as though the Lord hasn't kept His part of the bargain. We did all we could to merit a happy marriage and family life, why didn't the Lord protect us from such a heart-wrenching outcome? Why must we deal with the pain of divorce?

Well, answers to such questions are never easy, and the particular "whys" for individual families may vary, but one answer always applies: life is not meant to be easy and we can expect opposition despite our attempts to live the gospel 100%.

We came to earth to face trial, though not just to suffer for the sake of experience. We came to show how we will respond when challenges arise. As a matter of fact, the true meaning of our existence is revealed in how we face the problems that life presents to us. We don't always get to choose our troubles, but we can always choose the way we respond to them.

I suggest that when life is weighing it's heaviest on you, embrace the difficulty and figure out a way to make it work for you. Feel the pain, give it a name, make a character out of it, take it to it's extreme in your imagination--and then turn it into a happy ending---or laugh at it! Own it, wear it, but choose to become the virtue that can be born of your pain and let that define you.

Let yourself become "the best" case scenario, given your circumstances, rather than "the worst". And then thank Heavenly Father that you have the agency to choose.

I'm in your court, and my prayers are with you!


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