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I hope all of you reading this blog have a temple recommend; if not, please devote your energies to becoming temple worthy and getting yourself to the temple. The temple is a place of peace and revelation--and you can't have enough of either of those in this life, as far as I'm concerned!

When I was newly divorced, I remember a particular interview I had with my bishop. He was sympathetic, helpful and, with his encouragement, painted a future for me that was bright and exciting. I will always love him for picking up the pieces of my life and giving me confidence to move forward.

At the end of that interview, he said to me, "Salli, keep your temple recommend shiny," or in other words, attend the temple often! And I did. Over the course of my singlehood, I went weekly to the temple. My bishop knew that if I attended the temple often, I would receive the necessary spiritual and emotional support to get through the challenges of divorce and singlehood.

And he was so right. Here is a journal entry I recorded after attending one day:

"The temple felt especially nice today. When the narrator introduced Adam and said that he had helped create the earth, I thought, 'Wow! What a glorious spirit Adam must have been! Now here we see him just wandering around the Garden of Eden...' And then I realized that we all had amazing and wonderful heavenly, pre-earth assignments; and likewise, now we are all just wandering around the earth.

"If we could catch a glimpse of who we really are, we probably wouldn't stress and strive, wonder and worry as we do. We are simply here to gain bodies and learn to make good choices. And most of us probably aren't doing too badly!"

What sweet, uplifting and encouraging thoughts...and they came to me while I was single and attending the temple as often as I was able. No one can convince me that I wasn't sustained and upheld by the Lord's love and inspiration while I navigated my single years.

So, my counsel to you today is: go to the temple! It truly is a "place of love and beauty."

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