The Realities of Divorce

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Divorce. It's an escape hatch when a marriage goes terribly wrong and healing is impossible. Divorce is a default mechanism, of sorts; used to improve a person or a family's situation when chaos has reigned too long.

When divorce happens, everyone involved is emotionally strung out, no one is at their best, and life looks pretty gloomy. The decision to divorce is made when it's clear that the future won't get better until the marriage is over.

Divorce can be a safety net. A chance to wipe the slate clean and start over. It's a time to begin anew. An opportunity for a bright and sunnier dawn, right?

Unfortunately, when we are newly divorced we often feel as though we've jumped from the frying pan into the fire. Circumstances may not always get better immediately. We may even question our choice to become divorced. Did we really do the right thing?

Now is the time to remember that life was never meant to be easy and though you've made the best decision, there is no promise that life will dramatically improve at first. As a matter of fact, your world may seem a whole lot worse for awhile.

In the marriage, though hurtful and heartbreaking, the problems were familiar and predictable. Once we're divorced, there are problems that we weren't expecting and new situations that we aren't accustomed to dealing with. Life after divorce is not a bed of roses like we may have imagined.

But if your decision to divorce was made with your hand in the Lord's, never forget that anything with purpose and meaning will ever be accomplished quickly.

Your joy, happiness, and contentment, as well as your children's, is worth the price you are paying. Though challenges may arise and problems may threateningly loom, you are building a new world with the hopeful intention of drawing closer to the Lord. It won't be easy, but everyday will get better.

Remember, nothing of eternal significance can be achieved in an instant, including a new and happier life after divorce.


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