Our Perception of God Through Divorce

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One of the toughest things about life--especially for those of us who are religious-- is that we expect that if we keep the commandments we'll be spared the hard knocks in life.

If this is our expectation of God, we're going to feel pretty abandoned most of the time! Especially as we face divorce issues.

As we've discussed before, earth-life is a period dedicated to facing trial and challenge. It's a time the Lord has allotted for us to face difficult situations in order to see how we will handle it all. Does the Lord cause bad things to happen to good people?

Well, in a way--yes, He does.

Knowing the end from the beginning, as He does; and placing us in this sphere knowing what we will be facing, I guess we could say that though He may not cause bad things to happen to us, He certainly allows bad things to happen to us from time to time.

But in this "recipe of life experience" that He allows to work on us, I'd like to suggest that there are some specific results He is looking for as we face our troubles. Just as a conscientious cook looks for tenderness, freshness, firmness, flakiness, and color; the Lord looks for characteristics such as kindness, compassion, willingness, and sacrifice.

He wants us to turn to Him in our extremities--such as divorce and the resultants problems it affords--and choose responses, solutions, and attitudes that reflect His will and ways so that we can learn what challenges have to teach.

So I guess the question is: How are you and I "turning out"?

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