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"Nature teaches us that the world will carry on, will continue to thrive and heal and flourish in the face of whatever pain has come our way." So writes Naomi Levy in "To Begin Again".

As we look at how life has continued despite two world wars, a great depression, numerous recessions, and the events of September 11, 2001; as well as many other natural and human inspired tragedies that have occurred throughout the world, we cannot deny the reality of 'natural healing'.

Who was it that said, "Time heals all wounds"? Experience has taught me the truth of this adage.

Ms. Levy continues: "The concept of gradual healing should apply even when we are not mourning the loss of a life. A divorce is a form of death. It’s the death of a dream, of a love, of a life together. Losing a job is also a death, the death of our sense of security, of our income, lifestyle, status, and identity. A serious illness can be a death. It’s the loss of our health, of our strength, of our confidence in our own bodies. Every pain takes time to heal."

But as LDS folks--who have the light of the gospel in our lives--we possess gifts that can facilitate the healing effects of time.

And what are they? 

I believe Sister Thompson, of the Relief Society General presidency, said it best during October conference: "I didn't keep my testimony during times of trial; my testimony kept me!"

Facing divorce (or any challenge) truly is the time to cling to the truths of the gospel. After all, you are experiencing a very real life altering grief; take advantage of your special blessings as a member of the church and let your convictions and your testimony of the truth carry you.

Know that there are some constants we can rely on as we face the complexities of mortality: the knowledge that the gospel has been restored to the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith, the blessing of additional clarity and understanding we have because of the Book of Mormon, the opportunity to live in a day and age where there is a prophet that leads the church, and the validity of our Savior who atoned for the sins of all mankind.

Notice the healing warmth of your testimony every day!


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