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Life is a sequence that begins in choice and ends in consequence. Divorce happens because one or both partners ignore the vital concept that our thoughts result in our choices, which in turn create our circumstances and our character.

Since the brain is the architect which ultimately contructs our life, taking responsibility for our thoughts is an important step toward who we become. When divorce occurs, it is often because someone has allowed their thoughts to spin out of control to the point where they cannot keep their promises and/or their behaviors are so difficult that others cannot live with them anymore. It all starts in the brain.

We do what we do after we think what we think. Our mind is the creator of our behavior. For most of us, what we think inside our head is our choice.

If you are the victim of another person's lack of control over their thinking, know that agency allows for freedom to choose but, as involuntary victims, we are not necessarily required to stay connected with someone who has lost sight of the fact that their thoughts and choices directly affect the quality of other people's lives.

For good or not, divorce is a consequence of choices that began in someone's head.

(Some of my thoughts today are from Matt Baldwin's excellent book: "Snow Rising")


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