Hearing the Lord's Voice Through Divorce

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While we face divorce issues, it doesn't take much to throw us into an emotional tailspin sometimes. It can come when a conversation occurs that rubs us the wrong way, or perhaps it happens when an emotional outburst from our child adds to the in-the-moment pressure we're already feeling. Maybe the weather throws us off; perhaps all it takes is waking from an unsettling dream.

I believe our spirit is very delicate at times. Our fragile condition on earth places us in a vulnerable state, at best. But the Lord has not left us without guidance and comfort.

Our Father in Heavenly reaches out to lend His helping hand constantly through the scriptures!

It never ceases to amaze me at how quickly my soul calms, and my head clears, when I pick up the Word of God and feast from those pages.

Divorce is one of the saddest and hardest life experiences to get through. Of all the challenges we face on earth, I’d say it is the most personally hurtful. That’s why we need to know the Lord’s thoughts on the problems we face as we manage our divorce. He can speak to us as we read. The power in His words, alone, can redirect our thoughts and feelings; that power can make sense out of the chaos that we feel.

So feast daily. Don’t just pick them up and read a few lines. Ponder them under the lamplight of early morning; commune with the Lord first thing each day. Let Him speak to you, comfort you, make sense out of your life experiences.

The Lord wants to talk to us, but we must pick up His instrument of communication—the Holy Scriptures!


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