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I've talked about this before because it’s one of my favorite subjects, so forgive me if I repeat myself. But do you know how important it is to journal your thoughts and feelings? It's particularly valuable when you face serious life issues--divorce being at the top of the list!

When I was divorced and single, I found that the whole experience kinda made me crazy. Do you know what I mean? There you are trying to go it alone, often crushed by the cares of the world; as a consequence you begin doubting yourself, your value, your judgments, your abilities, your testimony...

But I discovered that to get back on track fast is easy...just journal.

When I feel self-conscious, respond irritably, and/or find myself easily upset by simple things that other people say and do, I know I'm overdue for a journaling session. If I haven't invested enough time recording my thoughts and feelings it becomes way too easy to get down and depressed. And investing in writing time is the best way to keep a person grounded.

Try it sometime; it's a very inexpensive therapy!


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