There Are Thorns Among Those Roses!

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As much as I enjoyed attending Single Adult activities while I was single, it wasn't all a bed of roses. As a matter of fact, my affiliation with SA started on a pretty thorny note.

Since I decided I'd better meet some single LDS men, I determined one week-end to go to my first SA dance. So on Saturday night, I got dressed up, hitched a ride with a nice lady in my ward who had attended these things before, and off we drove to a building 30 minutes away--all so we could dance with LDS guys.

When we got to the party, my prospect of meeting a smorgasbord of available single men was dashed! There was only one other woman in attendance besides the two of us. Music was playing and there was a table laden with chips and cookies; but there wasn't a single man in sight!

But slowly, slowly a few gentleman sauntered in over the next hour.

One in particular looked like a distinct possibility: he was tall and handsome, nicely dressed, and appeared to be a real gentleman. When he smiled at me from across the room, I was flattered that such a good looking guy would pick me out from the crowd (small, though, as it was...).

When he held his hand out to me and I placed my hand in his, he pulled me into his arms and off we cavorted across the dance floor. He really was a pretty decent dancer; he framed me nicely and following him was easy. I'm thinking, "These church dances are going to be fun!"

After several turns around the floor, he asked for my number, I gave it to him (a big no-no, but remember I was new at this whole networking thing...), and we parted company.

The next afternoon he called and asked if we could go for a drive.

"Sure,” I said, believing an innocent ride on a Sunday afternoon with a nice LDS fellow was entirely appropriate. Or so I thought...

We drove to the Rose Gardens (the loveliest spot in Portland in June) and my handsome gentleman friend snapped a few pictures of me amongst the blossoming roses. Later we drove to my mother's home and sat on her porch swing looking out over the lush golf course behind her house.

"My ex made such a huge mistake in divorcing me," he ruminated as he rocked the swing toe to heel. "I didn't think relations were so bad between us!" Then he signed, "I doubt I'll ever find a woman as beautiful as her..."

"Well, that's one way to win friends and influence people!" I thought before I spoke out sarcastically: "For a guy looking to make a good impression, you sure know how to hurt a girl..."

Startled, he looked up as though he'd forgotten I was there.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" he backpedaled as he scooted closer toward me on the swing. "Don't get me wrong, I held you in my arms last're not bad at all..." his nostrils flared and his smile broadened as he crooned. "Actually, Darlin', all you need is a good support bra!"


Needless to say, I asked Romeo to leave and I had my mom take me home that evening.

I was rather weirded out by the whole experience at the time, but it makes for a good laugh ten years later!

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