My Dating Days and a Priesthood Blessing

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So, mid-life dating--as you've discovered, I'm sure--has its ups and downs.

Though I'm mighty glad I dated when I was a single lady, at the same time, I'm very glad it’s over now! I met a lot of really nice gentlemen, members and non-members alike; but I also learned there are a lot of people out there, even in the LDS circle, that simply don't measure up to the caliber of person one hopes to find while looking for a mate.

I met con artists, peeping toms, and child molesters. Sometimes all in the same person! I discovered that a lot of divorced folks are divorced for good reason--some people are simply not at a place in their life when they can be a good spouse to someone else. That's not who you want to connect up with!

I recall attending a SA dance one evening. I'd been attending SA activities for some time, at that point, and had enjoyed some great experiences, but somehow I was left with a depressed and hopeless feeling after this particular event.

The men I danced with that night all seemed to carry heavy baggage. I could see it in their faces, hear it in their voices, and sense it in their conversations. It caused me to feel depressed and discouraged. I left the dance, later, wondering if there was even one noble, worthy priesthood holder left available in the world. Tears streamed as I drove home in the darkness.

Upon entering the house, probably around midnight, my son was waiting up for me.

“How did it go, Mom?” he asked in a chipper voice that contradicted my spirit.

“Oh, I’m okay…” I offered, not wanting to burden him with my fears. But my face must have betrayed me because the look on his face suddenly reflected my grief.

“What’s wrong, Mom?” he asked me tenderly. That’s when my tears really started. I didn’t say much, but he must have realized my thoughts and concerns. He waited a moment and then asked, “May I give you a priesthood blessing?”

How could I refuse! Imagine, there I was divorced, scared and lonely; but the Lord had granted me a worthy son who honored his priesthood and who wanted to give me a blessing! Truly, the Lord’s compensations are wonderful!

Anyway, I sat in a chair that night and he placed his hands on my head. I believe it must have been one of the first blessings he had ever given because he hadn’t yet been on his mission. The blessing was sincere, yet short and sweet.

“Mom, when you meet the man you will marry, you’ll feel peace.” That was it! But that was all I needed, apparently, because I felt an astonishing sense of peace from that moment on.

And my son was right. The day I met my future husband, I felt peace. And I still do!



I loved this podcast on divorce from an LDS perspective:

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