Look! There's a New Year Ahead!

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I love to celebrate the New Year! To me it speaks of a clean slate and a fresh start.

At the end of the year I generally feel the weight of all the events of the previous twelve months on my shoulders; all the good and the not-so-good rolled in together. Consequently, I can get a little down in the dumps after the Christmas Holidays.

But as I anticipate the beginning of the New Year, that burden is released and I feel refreshed again!

What is it about “starting fresh” that is so invigorating?

Well, for me, a fresh start gets my creative juices flowing as I experience a sense that there is nothing holding me back, as though I can fashion anything I want out of my future.

That makes me think of Jesus Christ, His atoning sacrifice, and how repentance grants us the opportunity to move forward without regret. I’ve heard Him referred to as “the Lord of the Second Chance”. I like that!

Because our Savior died for us, it is possible to start over again at any time--whenever we decide we want to begin again. No exceptions. Any of us can begin to create something better and more meaningful with our life when we decide to take the Lord by the hand and move forward.

So, if there is something you want to change about your past, start fashioning the future today. Let this New Year begin the best days of your life!


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