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As we look around the world--and at our own lives, even--it's not hard to see that times are changing quickly.

Twenty years ago, no one had any inkling that technology and social media would be so pervasive in our lives; yet, here we are all staring into our palms in a silent room, even when there are people all around us! 

Most of us live in an inner world that didn't exist twenty years ago.

What will the world be like in another twenty years?

As I contemplated that question last night, in light of what the gospel teaches us, I realized that another twenty years will probably see many more people fall by the wayside; victim of the invasive effects of in-your-face media, much of which is very worldly if not out and out vile. There will be more divorce, more destroyed families, more broken hearts.

It's clear that if we are going to be prepared for the Second Coming we must know how to counter the fiery darts of Satan and navigate our way back to the Lord. To be successful, I believe one of the key characteristics we must develop is a conscience devoid of guilt.

Our confidence must wax strong in the Lord and we can accomplish this by constantly garnishing our thoughts with virtue (D&C 121:45). To me that says, clearly, that we must deliberately and conscientiously bring goodness into our lives.

I'm taking a guess here, but I believe that in twenty years there will be nothing "virtuous, lovely, or of good report" in our lives unless we make a conscious and consistent effort to put it there. In order to know that our life is pleasing to the Lord, so that our confidence will be strong in Him, it will be necessary to fill our lives with things that invite the Spirit.

The good news is that for every evil, I like to think, there is an equal share of goodness: the Word of God in abundance through the scriptures, church magazines, internet, and wonderful books written by righteous people; there's sacred music that, in these days, can go anywhere we go to set the tone of our life; there is service to be rendered for others, as often as we can, in the lives of others who have troubles greater than our own; and there is prayer! One-on-one communication with our Father in Heaven can happen whenever we want to talk.

How awesome is that!

But we have to make it happen because—in this world--goodness and virtue have to be a choice.


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