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Because the church promotes family life and marriage, being divorced places us out of the LDS culture, in a way.

Mid-life singlehood, as an adult member of the church, can feel so out of the mainstream; so distant and cut off from others whose circumstances are more within the guidelines of what the church encourages. Though I know our leaders and married peers, within the church, do not deliberately exclude divorced folks, still at times—because of the way things are--even when we’re with a group of Saints, we can feel left out.

So what do we do?

I, for one, never wanted the church to change their position of valuing home and marriage just so I could feel more comfortable at church while I was divorced. Inherently, I felt the burden of my contentment lay with me.

Through earnest thought and prayer, I arrived at several principles that I could follow that would help me feel more a part of the LDS society. The one I’ll share today is: prayer.

When I prayed, I focused on my belief that the Lord heard me. I knew I didn’t need my bishop’s approval to gain the Lord's attention; and I knew, intuitively, that He didn’t respond faster to my pleas when I was married; nor did He put my prayers on the back burner because there wasn’t an active priesthood holder in my life. All I needed, to reach His listening ears, was to humbly address Him.

In my meek petitions, I came to know that the Lord still loved me and wanted to meet my needs. Believing that He was there, that He had my best interests at heart, and that as I exercised faith He would accept my offerings, gave me confidence in His ways. Including, attending church and supporting the doctrines of the church; particularly marriage and family life.

Doing so gave me the full expectation that He would help me accomplish those criteria in my life again, if that is what I really wanted. Because of that expectation, and my trust in His programs and systems, I have moved beyond my single days and am now happily remarried.

That is what I envisioned for myself, and that is what has happened for me, as a result of sincere prayer.


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