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I've been tending my grandkids lately. And do you know what I learned? There is a reason God gives us children when we are young... Hefting a two year old on my hip, up and down stairs, was not an easy task like it was in the old days! But I had fun and I was in heaven caring for those five kids I love more than breath itself.....

While there, I read a great book (four of those five are in school full case you wondered!) entitled, "Battlefield of the Mind" by Joyce Meyer. The premise of the book was how to control your thinking. Joyce says, "Where the mind goes, the man follows". For instance, if we hold the thought of an ice cream sundae in our head, it won't be long before we are eating one. What we think about is so important!

Satan places lies in our head to steer us, control us, discourage us, and keep us distracted from doing the will of the Lord in our life. The only way we can truly be unleashed from Satan's influence is to study the Word of God and replace the Lord's thoughts with things in our mind that are not of Him.

But we must be familiar with the mind of God; we must study the scriptures daily.

Have you thought much about thinking about what you are thinking about? As you do, you will realized that you think (and eventually feel) ideas and beliefs that the Lord does not want us to own: worry, fear, irritation, jealousy, anger, on and on!

Think of it! The Lord doesn't want us to waste a moment of our lives in feeling and/or thinking anything of a negative nature.

Sounds like a huge relief to me!

So this week, think about what you are thinking about and replace negative thoughts with impressions, ideas, and inspirations from the scriptures. To aid in this new response, try memorizing verses and passages as Elder Scott admonished in October General Conference. I've been doing this and I find it makes it very easy to draw upon the strength they offer.

Try it!


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