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I'm blogging for the first time from my IPad! Cool, huh?

As I read from my journal this morning, I found some inspiring thoughts I'd like to share with you today. Perhaps they'll be helpful in encouraging someone out there.

Though it's completely natural to be shaken to the core by a tragic occurrence such as divorce, isn't it nice to know that everything we learn in nature teaches us that life heals itself? Yes, we can expect, at some point in our experience, that we will once again thrive, despite the pain we are called upon to endure.

A dear friend once said, "New life comes from the ashes of the fire." How true!

Just remember that every pain takes time to heal. We can't expect our problems and sorrows to clear up overnight, but just like a paper cut (or a major surgery wound, should I say...), given time, the hurt heals and full function is regained.

Having experienced the throws of pain caused by divorce, I've often asked myself how I got from "there" to "here". And the answer to that question is easy: I simply held to the expectation that there were brighter days ahead; I never assumed I had to stay in an uncomfortable or disadvantaged station. It was as though I knew, intuitively, that the Lord wanted something much better for me and so I waited patiently on Him.

I didn't know how it would come, I just knew it would.

And come, it did! Ken and I celebrated our eighth anniversary last fall and the future promises many more blessings. Just like me, Ken expects the Lord has blessings for us, and together we are willing to apply our time and energies to building the Kingdom of God. As we do, the blessings flow.

A recipe for success available to all.

Expect the pain to heal, love the Lord with all your mind and heart, and wait patiently on Him!









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