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In preparation for this week's general conference sessions, Ken and I have been reviewing our November Ensign from last October's conference talks. Elder Robert D. Hales' address, "Waiting Upon the Lord" has touched my heart again. Here are a few thoughts I would like to share with you, my single brothers and sisters of the church:

We are reminded that even our Savior, Jesus Christ, suffered temptation and exercised His agency to resist and bear up under trial. When we are tempted to cry out in frustration because life seems too hard sometimes, let us remember that the Savior set the example on how to endure to the end.

Remember that mortal trial represents an opportunity for us to prove that we can stay true to the Lord no matter how difficult life is. "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." Never forget that the Lord has a perfect plan for all His children--including you!

"Thy will be done" are four of the most important words in any spoken language. As we wait on the Lord and ponder His truths, we are granted humility, strength to endure, and joy as we submit to His will. Relying on our own arm of flesh will not get us very far; nor will it bring us true happiness in the end.

Waiting on the Lord is a privilege. Though His timing may be longer than what we might choose, I've often compared it to having a baby. We all agree that a new baby is sweet and wonderful, but despite how difficult pregnancy is, would we be willing to cut short the gestation period just so we could alleviate our pain and hold that baby in our arms? No, not if it would not be for the baby's best good.

The same is true for us as the Lord works miracles of spiritual health and strength in our lives. Sometimes, we simply must submit to the length of time He requires of us. Would we really want it any other way?

Brothers and Sister, I hope that you'll take the opportunity to hear as many conference sessions as possible. Truly, the words spoken are from the Lord!


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