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Another week has passed. How are you doing? Have your challenges been eased and the answers to your problems made clearer as you’ve taken the Lord by the hand? Have you accessed the tools He’s granted us to find the strength and the inspiration to solve our problems and move forward in faith?

As members of the church, we are so blessed to have the knowledge that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and will give us personal revelation as we take our sorrows to Him. Prayer is the quickest and most effective means of connecting with our Father, the author and finisher of our faith.

And we have the scriptures that can broaden our mind and open our understanding—particularly as we face divorce concerns. In an instant, the words we read can fill us with hope and peace.

We also have the priesthood power in our lives and the opportunity to request a blessing as often as we feel the need. When was your last priesthood blessing?

We have general conference messages, as well as the technological means to bring those messages into our life on a daily basis. Lately when I’ve been indexing, I’ll open a second browser and play the audio version of the general conference talks as I work at family history. Pure heaven!

How lucky are we?

In closing, let me repeat a line from this Sunday’s RS/priesthood lesson that touched me deeply: “Life is not the end, but a part of eternity…stepping stones to greater and more desirable conditions.”

Something better is ahead! In the meantime, use the tools the Lord has provided so there is joy in your journey!

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