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I realize that divorce does not represent the best of times. But neither does death, or illness, or disappointment, or failure. Yet all these experiences characterize much of what makes up life.

Much of life simply doesn’t feel good.

And yet, who can deny that God sent us to earth for a glorious purpose? The Lord even tells us that His work and glory is to “bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man” (Moses 1:39). In other words: His constant and steady work is toward bringing about our happiness.

Life, though not always pleasant, is all about the “joy of our redemption” (Moses 5:11).

Though, I agree, that’s a difficult concept to embrace when you’re in the heat of divorce with all its negative consequences.

But I saw a quote yesterday in June’s Ensign that encapsulated what I have felt for years, but haven’t—until now—been able to put into words. In the article on page 64, “Finding Peace Through Forgiveness,” the anonymous author says: “It was about trusting---really trusting—that He would take care of me and that He hadn’t allowed anything to happen to me that wouldn’t eventually work out for my benefit.”

That’s why it’s all good! Because even if something hurts, or doesn’t seem fair, or appears to derail us from the best path, if we have a testimony of the Lord’s perfect plan for each of us and if we love Him with true and honest intention, nothing we experience along the way is bad. It’s all for good. Even divorce.

I truly believe this.


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