When the Answer is 'No'

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One of the best experiences in life is when our righteous desires match up with the will of the Lord---and the timing is now! Experiencing the fulfillment of a heartfelt prayer is like the best gift ever! I love it when our Father in Heaven says, “Yes!”

But for reasons that will forever frustrate the mind of man, most of the time the Lord anwers 'no’. Or at least, ‘not now’.

‘No’ is tough. ‘No’ is heartbreaking. ‘No’ can even threaten to destroy our faith. But I have learned something that has changed my response to His 'no’.

During the ‘no’ periods of my life I reflect on a time when I prayed fervently for my heart’s desire for more than a couple of years. The Lord was probably telling me ‘no’ all along, but I didn’t have ears to hear.

Finally (gratefully) one day, His ‘no’ answer was indisputable. In His kindness, and in His attempt, I’m sure, to make sure that I really got the message, He set the stage several hours in advance. When the moment was just right, and my heart was all set to receive His message, the futility of the thing I was praying for glared at me like headlights in the darkness.

I could not deny His ‘no’.

That day a heavy door slammed in my face, but I also felt His undeniable love. I couldn’t refute the Spirit that whispered that what the Lord wanted for me was so much better; so much more conducive to my happiness. Yes, I still cried. And my heart was broken to pieces. But in that moment His love was so obvious; I willingly traded my importuning for trust and patient waiting.

Do you remember the Christmas Santa brought a record player instead of the doll you requested? In the end you LOVED that record player and got so much more enjoyment from it than you ever would have from a doll. The Lord’s ‘no’s’ are kind of like that.

So I say, embrace the ‘no’!


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