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I was 16 years-old when my parent's temple marriage ended. Eventually, my mother remarried a man who our whole family learned to adore and they were married for 32 years before he died at age eighty of congestive heart failure.

Even though my mom and step-father enjoyed a wonderful marriage, they were never sealed to each other in the temple. They were both members of the church and attended the temple often, but my mother never cancelled her sealing to my father.

After my step-dad passed away, I asked my mother why she had never been sealed to her husband that she loved so much.

"Because I didn't want to give up being sealed to you kids," she told me. Her answer broke my heart, but intuitively I knew that she misunderstood some basic principles concerning sacred temple sealings.

Years later, when I was divorced and eventually requested a cancellation of my first sealing, so I could be sealed to my new husband, I received a letter from the church's First Presidency office. In the letter it explained that temple sealings are founded on principles of worthiness. Whether a child’s parents are married to each other, or not, a child is still sealed to each parent if those involved remain temple worthy.

What a blessing it is to know that our eternal commitment to our children does not have to be compromised by an unworthy spouse or by a spouse who chooses to leave a temple marriage.

Mercifully, parent/child sealings are stronger than the problems created by individual agency!



Love this. We cannot control the choices someone else makes that often end a marriage, but their choice does not change our standing and worthiness with the Lord. If obedient and faithful, we and our children will never be denied blessing promised in the temple sealing. Thank you

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