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I'm at my sister's home right now. She lives in Boise-we're on our way to Salt Lake City. It's early in the morning and no one is up, so I thought I would blog....

It's times like this that divorce hurts.

My sister and her husband have been married for nearly 45 years...gosh, does anyone stay together for that long anymore? Yes! They have. And sitting in their living room with the early morning light coming through their lace curtains, I am struck with the profusion of love I feel in their home.

They have pictures of all four children on their walls--all four children who have been married in the temple and moved ahead to do productive things with their lives, including multiplying and replenishing the earth (they have nine grandkids and another of the way, momentarily!). The family is tight and solid, loving and committed to one another. Everyone loves my sister and her husband!

I think of all the major, loving influences they have had on their family and friends because they are such a super team! How sad it will be when, someday, they pass beyond this veil of tears (in their case, this veil of laughs and good times, joy and great happiness).

And, sitting in their home surrounded by so much love that it's palapable, I can't help but contrast her life with mine.

Oh, I own children and grandchildren would say, "Mom, Grandma, we have our own brand of family happiness and great memories!" and I'm not saying that we haven't done a superb job of picking up the pieces and moving forward since the big "D" happened, but I must say our experience lacks the firm historical foundation that a long-term, happy, "well-done" marriage relationship provides.

And at times like this, sitting alone in their home and feeling the undeniable effect that a good marriage can have on generations that come after it, I can't help but feel a bit cheated. For the moment, the tears flow.

But thank goodness for the Holy Ghost!

For it whispers, today, that even though it appears I haven't been able to generate a loving influence that blesses the lives of countless others, the Lord wants me to understand that no one's life is perfect and that awesome families come in a variety of shapes and forms. 

If nothing else, as divorced folks, we can work at being a wonderful example of how to hold to the rod even when our marriages have fallen apart. We can be the proof in the pudding to others who struggle similarly that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that a new and happy life...and love...can spring from the ashes of our lives.

We can show those who have faced the calamity of divorce how to make things right again!

Okay...I feel better now!

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