The Second Time Around

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So you're divorced and you want to move on with your life.

Hold on. Not so fast!

Although there is great merit in wanting to move forward after struggling through a painful divorce, there is one situation that you simply cannot presume to lay on the already raw and hurting circumstances, and that is:

You can't bring a new love interest into the family mix. Not right away, anyway.

Asking a child (no matter what their age) to accept a situation like that would be harder than asking a new mother to leave her hospital bed, after giving birth, to play a game of soccer.

All involved may feel as though they have been through a major upset, so expecting them to be friendly and accepting towards a new love interest is way too much to expect.

Think about it, when you are at your worst (sad, depressed, and confused), having to be at your best with a stranger--especially a stranger that may be going to take your parent's place in your other parent's life--is beyond what can be reasonably expected.

Before introducing your family to someone new, let the focus of your family gatherings be on your family of origin. Let get-togethers celebrate the children, as they make effort to heal and become accustomed to the new way things are.

Eventually, a new step-parent can be one of the best events that ever happen in a fractured family. But if it comes about too soon, it's not only a reflection of  insensitivity; it could also backfire and be the worst possible choice you could make at this point in time.

If there is ever a time to follow the spirit, this is it! Discretion is paramount!



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